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People's Democratic Republic of Algeria

Consulate of Algeria in London

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Important notes :

بلاغ فيما يخص مواعيد طلب جوازات السفر البيومترية

ليكن في علم أعضاء جاليتنا المقيمة في المملكة المتحدة وايرلندا أنّ إيداع ملفات استخراج جواز السفر البيومتري يتم بدون موعد مسبق ابتداء من 30 أفريل 2016.

Communiqué on the biometric passport appointment

This is to inform the members of our community in the United Kingdom and Ireland that, from 30 April 2016, applicatns for biometric passport can lodge their applications at the Consulate without appointment.

Subscription in the national loan bonds:

The Algerian Consulate in London is pleased to inform the Algerian community in the UK and Ireland that an operation of subscription in the national loan bonds for economic development was launched, from 17 April 2016.

This action has an immense importance for the national economy. The funds are to be directed entirely and exclusively to investment projects for the benefit of the national economy.

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Mobile services in Dublin

The Consulate of Algeria in London informs the Algerian citizens living in the Republic of Ireland and in Northern Ireland that mobile services will be organized on the 30th May 2016 to deliver biometric passports for citizens who are waiting for the collection of their passports and process biometric passport applications for those waiting for the enrolment.

The venue is: Best Western Premier Academy Plaza Hotel, 10-14 Findlater Place, off Upper O'Connell St, Dublin 1 (View larger map).

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بلاغ يخص دخول المواطنين مزدوجي الجنسية إلى الجزائر:

ليكن في علم المواطنين مزدوجي الجنسية، المسجلين بقنصلية لندن، الذين ليس لديهم جواز سفر بيومتري جزائري، أن التسهيل الذي كانوا يستفيدون منه للدخول إلى التراب الوطني باستعمال بطاقة التعريف الوطنية الجزائرية مع جواز سفر أجنبي بدون تأشيرة، ليكن في علمهم أنهم سيستـمرون في التمتع بهذا التسهيل إلى غاية 30 جوان 2016، و هو آخر أجل.

و تغتنم القنصلية هذه المناسبة لتذكّـر المواطنين الذين لم يتحصلوا بعد على الجواز البيومتري، بأن يبادروا فورا بطلب موعد لإيداع ملفهم للحصول على الجواز البيومتري، وذلك لتفادي أي صعوبات بعد ذلك الأجل.

Communiqué on the entry to Algeria of citizens holding dual nationality:

This is to inform the citizens, registered at the consulate, holding dual nationality and who do not have yet their Algerian biometric passport, that the service they were granted consisting of allowing them to enter Algeria with their Algerian National Identity Card and the foreign passport without the entry visa to Algeria, that they can continue to do so until 30 June 2016.

The consulate calls upon the citizens falling in the above category as well as those who have not yet applied for their Algerian biometric passport to request, as soon as possible, an appointment to lodge their application so as to avoid any trouble after the said deadline.

Communiqué sur l’entrée des binationaux en Algérie:

Les ressortissants binationaux, immatriculés auprès de ses services, qui ne détiennent pas de passeports biométriques algériens, sont informés que la facilité qui leur était accordée, consistant à présenter la carte nationale d’identité algérienne et le passeport étranger sans visa d’entrée en Algérie, a été prorogée jusqu’au 30 juin 2016.

Le Consulat recommande vivement à cette catégorie de citoyens, ainsi qu’à ceux qui n’ont pas encore procédé à la conversion de leur passeport (ancien modèle) en biométrique, de demander au plus tôt un rendez-vous pour déposer leur dossier afin d’éviter tout problème après ledit délai.

Communiqué for Algerian citizens living in the republic of Ireland

The Consulate of Algeria in London is pleased to inform the citizens living in Ireland, whose biometric passports are ready for collection and who cannot come to London to collect it (because they cannot get a visa), that it has put in place, as a new facilitation - and exceptional - measure, a procedure for them to get their biometric passport by recorded mail.

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خدمة جديدة للمواطنين الذين رفضت صورهم

ليكن في علم المواطنين الذين رفض طلبهم لجواز السفر البيومتري بسبب عدم توافق الصورة مع المعايير المطلوبة أن وزارة الداخلية و الجماعات الـمحلية قد نشطت في موقعها على الانترنت بوابة تسمح لهم تحميل الصورة الرقمية التي تتوافق مع المعايير المطلوبة، مأخوذة من طرف مصور مـحترف و إرسالها مباشرة إلى مديرية السندات و الوثائق المؤمنة لوزارة الداخلية عن طريق الرابط التالي: http://passeport.interieur.gov.dz/Ar/WFPhoto.aspx?CcHt=WFeH

New service for citizens whose photo has been rejected

The attention of citizens, whose biometric passport application has been rejected because the photo does not comply with required standards, that the Ministry of the Interior has activated on his website a portal allowing them to upload a photo which complies with the required standards, taken by a professional photographer and to send it directly to the Direction of the securities and secured documents of the Ministry by using the following link: http://passeport.interieur.gov.dz/Ar/WFPhoto.aspx?CcHt=WFeH

important64x64Biometric passport for children under 12:

As a new facilitating measure of the biometric passport procedures benefiting our citizens abroad, it is brought to their care that, as of 30 June 2015, the presence of children under 12 years is no longer required at the Consulate either when submitting the application or when collecting the passport. These two operations can now be performed by the child's legal guardian.

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