Insurance for repatriation of remains


The consulate informs algerian nationals in UK and Ireland of the new provisions relating to the insurance for repatriation of remains for members of the national community abroad.

This product, which has undergone several adjustments intended to become more attractive, is marketed by the "Société d’Assurance, de Prévoyance et de Santé" (SAPS).

SAPS is an insurance company funded by 1 billion Algerian Dinars (DA) in capital subscribed by MACIF Group (41%), S.A.A. (34%), the Local Development Bank BDL (15%) and the Agricultural Bank for Rural Development BADR (10%).

Available for coverage of persons only, the insurance guarantees subscribers from the Algerian community living abroad the repatriation of mortal remains to the place of burial in Algeria.

Subscription is open for individuals, families and groups (through associations), with various substantial discount rates offered to families and groups depending on number of subscribers.

In terms of the annual cost of insurance, it is as follows:

  • One person: 25 Euros;
  • Couple: 50 Euros;
  • Couple with one (01) children: 60 Euros;
  • Couple with two (02) children: 60 Euros;
  • Couple with three (03) children: 75 Euros;
  • Couple with four (04) or more children: 90 Euros.
  • Discounts are available for group subscriptions (over 50 people), depending on the number of insured.

Annual insurance premium can be paid either in Algeria (2,500 DA), with no obligation for conversion in foreign currency, or from the foreign country of residence of the subscriber(s) in the amount of 25 euros (bank transaction fees may apply).

Payments from overseas subscribers should be sent to the following SAPS account with "Banque Extérieure d'Algérie" (BEA):

Bank code: 002
Agency code Ravin: 095
RIB : 00200095095220023522
CCB account: 0952200235 CLE 22
Bank Address: 48 rue des Frères Bouaddou, Bir Mourad Rais, Algiers, Algeria.

Further information can obtained on the website or by contacting SAPS at :

22, rue Didouche Mourad
Algiers, Algeria
Telephone: (213) (21) 63-40-24, (213) (21) 63-35-25
Fax: (213) (21) 63-39-83