Communiqué for the citizens in Ireland

The Consulate of Algeria in London is pleased to inform its citizens living in Ireland (Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland) and registered at the consulate that mobile services will be organized to process their biometric passport applications which will be dealt with part in London and part in Dublin. They are thus invited to submit their applications.

The two parts of the process is planned as follows:

  1. The application of each citizen must first be sent by recorded mail to the Consulate in London, 6 Hyde Park Gate, London, SW7 5EW - United Kingdom;
  2. Staff members of the Consulate will come to Dublin to take the fingerprints, the photos and the signature once the applications are processed in London. The dates and the venue will be announced at a later stage on the Consulate website.

Note: The january 15th 2015 is the deadline for sending applications. applications sent after that date will be processed at a later stage.

Detailed information on the process:

The citizens who are registered at the Consulate must prepare the paperwork for their applications and those of each member of their family as detailed in the biometric passport section, information that are copied below:

  1. The expired passport;
  2. The application form duly filled and signed by the applicant or by the legal guardian for the minors (under 19);
  3. The original of the applicant's special extract of the birth certificate "12S";
  4. A copy of the blood type card or a written and signed declaration by the applicant or by his/her legal guardian;
  5. A copy of valid consular registration card;
  6. A copy of the proof of legal residence in Ireland or in the United Kingdom (for those living in Northern Ireland) or the Irish or British passport;
  7. The work certificate or certificate of enrolment for students or school children;
  8. Four (04) colour, new and identical passport size photos (3,5x4,5 cm) (Please write the name and surname at the back);
  9. The payment of the passport fees of £55 payable by postal order in Pound only;
  10. A copy of a proof of address (any utility bill).
  11. A self addressed envelop and £10 postal order for postage.

The applications with all the above documents for each member of the family, including babies, must be sent to the Consulate at the above address by recorded mail.

The citizens must ensure that their forms are correctly, carefully and completely filled both in Arabic and in Latin capital letters, duly dated and signed. In case of a mistake, the consulate will not be able to correct it once in Dublin.

A mobile phone number must be written at the bottom of the biometric passport form. An email address, if available, will also be appreciated.

Any uncompleted application will not be processed and will be returned to the sender.

Once received by the Consulate, the applications will be processed which means the entry of each applicant's data in the system. The information will then be transferred to the mobile system.

In Dublin, each citizen's data will be completed by taking the fingerprints (except for children under 12), the photo (the one taken by the officer appears on the biometric passport) and the signature. The presence of each applicant, even a baby, is compulsory at this stage, known as "enrolment".

The consulate will post on its website, as mentioned above, the date and the venue for collecting the remaining of the data listed in the previous paragraph.

Please note that:

  • Before sending the children's applications, especially those born in Ireland or the United Kingdom, the father or the legal guardian must ensure that their birth is registered at the civil status section of the consulate so that the Consulate can issue the special birth certificate 12-S which is an essential document for the biometric passport application. If the birth is not registered, it has to be done first;
  • For children born in another country than Ireland or the United Kingdom, the father or the legal guardian must ensure that he has the 12-S from the Embassy, the Consulate General or Consulate of Algeria in the country where the child is born;
  • For those born in Algeria, if the citizen does not have yet her/his 12-S, she/he can apply for it online at the following address:;
  • The biometric passport is an individual one and no child can be added to the parents' passport. Each child, even a newborn, must have her/his own personal biometric passport.

Further note:

  • Citizens who are not registered at the Consulate must first register themselves before applying for the biometric passport;
  • The Consulate of Algeria in London rely on the help of its citizens to submit and send complete applications with accurately filled forms which must be readable to avoid any mistake (on names, surnames, etc...). The consulate recalls that the form can be filled on screen;
  • The Consulate counts on the mobilization of its citizens in Ireland and Northern Ireland for the success of this operation that would not be performed on the ground without the combined efforts of several parts.