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People's Democratic Republic of Algeria

Consulate of Algeria in London

Important : During the fasting month of Ramadhan, the opening hours of All the services (Except Civil Status and Visa Section) are Tuesday to Friday , from 9:00am to 2:30pm (09h00 to 14h30) Saturday from 9:00am to 2:00 pm (09h00 to 14h00) Ramadhan Karim.

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              Visit to the Immigration Removal centers ( Colnbrook, Harmondsworth), 3rd May 2019

    On the 3rd May 2019, a consular delegation headed by the Consul, Mrs kenza BENALI has visited the Home office Immigration Centers “COLBROOK” and ” HARMONDSWORTH” in London, in order to inquiry about the situation of the presumed Algerian Nationals who are detained at these centers .

    This visit allowed the Consul to inquire, in a warm atmosphere, about the situation of the detainees, the conditions of their detention.

    The visit, the 3rd of its kind, was highly appreciated by our compatriots who didn’t hesitate to show to the Consul their satisfaction about the initiatives taken by the consulate regarding the management of immigration issues in relation to the Algerian nationals whom their situation is illegal.

    On the sideline of this visit, devoted exclusively to the detainee, the Consul met the officials of the Immigration Removals centers IRC where they have exchanged views about the situation of the alleged Algerian detainees and the difficulties they faced.

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    The Algerian Consulate in London informs his fellow citizens, registered at the Consulate and on the electoral list, that the period for the exceptional review of the electoral rolls ended on 06 February 2019,and the opening of the period ofcomplaints.

    Claims over enrolment or removal from the electoral list have to be made from07 to 11 February 2019,in accordance with the article 20 of the organic law N 16-10 of August 25, 2016 related to the electoral system.
    For more information please contact the Consulate at :0208 752 1177 / 0208 752 8065


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    The Exceptional Updating of the Electoral List From 23 January to 06 February 2019 
    The Algerian Consulate in London is pleased to inform the Algerian nationals in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland that the exceptional updating of the electoral lists starts from 23 January to 06 February 2019,following the convening by his Excellency the President of the Republic Mr. Abdelaziz BOUTEFLIKA the electorate for the Presidential Election on Thursday 18 April 2019, in accordance with the Article 136 of the Organic Law N° 16/10 of 25 August 2016 related to the Electoral system.

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    On the occasion of the Amazigh new year"yennayer 2969", the Consulate's staff and I would like to wish a very happy and a prosperous new year to the Algerian community in the United Kingdom and Ireland.


    Consul of Algeria in London


    Meeting With the Algerian Community in Birmingham

    A consular delegation led by Mrs. KENZA BENALI, Consul of Algeria in London, paid a visit to Birmingham City on 20 and 21 December 2018 to meet the Algerian community living in this City.

    This visit, the first of its kind, is part of the set of recommendations of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. ABDELKADER MESSAHEL, aiming to move the administration closer to the citizens through the reinforcement of the relation between our community members established in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, in order to tackle their concerns in the best possible manner.

    This meeting was widely appreciated by our compatriot, who attended the conference -debate organized on this occasion, during which Mrs. the Consul have made a presentation on the series of measures taken by the public authorities as part of the modernization of the administration, which aims to facilitate the administrative procedures for our nationals established abroad. Such services include (Biometric passport and ID card, rectification of the mistakes on the civil status documents, certificate of capacity for the driving license, online service to issue criminal records, public housing program LPP , the creation of PME PMI, and the presidential measures taken to regularize the situation regarding the military service and the transfer of remains).

    Mrs. the Consul seized this opportunity to discuss with our fellow citizens their preoccupations as well as providing answers to their concerns. Furthermore, she has reiterated her full support towards activities that serve the community interest .The meeting was an occasion to invite the representative of the community association, such as the association Forum of Algerian in Britain “FAB”, to undertake visible actions in favor of our nationals and create a good relationship with the local authorities. During this meeting, mobile consular services were provided during this meeting.

    During this visit, the Consul had a meeting with Ms. Ivonne MOSQUITTO, Mayor of Birmingham City and Mrs. Heathrow LAW, Senior programme -coordinator, during which they have an exchange of views on issues in relation to our community based in Birmingham, as well as the prospects of cooperation between the two countries.

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