Important notes:

Please take note of the following general information:

 The documents required for the registration of mariage  (Only for marriage celebrated in the UK or Ireland) are:

   1-The application form, to be filled in arabic, dated and signed by the applicant;

   2- A copy of the marriage certificate issued by the Register Office;

   3- Husband's and spouse's original full birth certificate (short birth certificates are not accepted), of less than 06 months, issued by the town hall of the place of birth (for algerian husbunds and spouses, the birth certificate must be essued from the town hall of the place of birth in Algeria or from the Algerian embassy or the consulate in the country where born) ;

  4- Birth certificates issued in another language than Arabic, English or French must officially translated (by a sworn translator) into one of these three languages;

  5- Certificate of Muslim Religion (Certificat de Conversion à l'Islam) issued by a mosque or an association agreed by the British or Irish Authorities for non algerian husbands

  6- A copy of the applicant's consular registration card for those registred in the consulate;

  7-Applicant's proof of Algerian nationality and identity (should be the Algerian passport, the National identity Card (CNI) or the Military Card with a photo) for non registered citizens.The applicant must also fill an application form for non registered national and provide two (02) recent passport size photos with the name at the back.

Divorce registration

orce in the UK or Ireland and if the marriage is already registered by our office, an act of execution (Exequatur du jugement de divorce) must be obtained from the Tribunal in Algeria.

Exequatur d'un jugement: is a Court order, by an Algerian judge, which makes enforceable on the national territory a final judgment of divorce (or ruling) of a British or an Irish Tribunal. Final judgment of divorce and certificate of no appeal of divorce, if the mention: final judgment is not worn, are required

Lost family book:

If a family book issued by the Consulate of Algeria in London is lost, the head of the family may obtain a duplicate. In this case, the documents to be provided are the following:

  1. The lost document form (déclaration de perte) to be filled, dated and signed by the applicant;
  2. Payment by cash only of £2 representing the fees for the lost document and the issuance of the duplicate (£20).
  3. All applications sent by mail should include a prepaid self-addressed envelope special delivery.

    4. For residents in Ireland, in addition to a self addressed envelop, applicants must send a postal order payable to the Algerian consulate in GBP to cover the fees service that you apply for it and the postage fees.