1: Legalisation of commercial documents:

The consulate processes the legalisation of commercial documentation stated below. Prior to that, it should be legalised and certified by the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce or the Arab-Irish Chamber of Commerce.

Legalisation fees per document:

. Certificate of origin: £60;

. Invoice: depends on the invoice's amount and the exchange rate on daily basis;

. Company's annual report and/or status: £60;

. Certification of a copy of one of these documents: £5.

2. for the non commercial documents

The consulate processes the legalisation of documents created in the UK or in Ireland for use in Algeria, provided that these documents be apostilled or authenticated, according to the origin of the document, by either the Foreign & Commonwealth Office or the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade. Certain types of documents need to be beforehand certified by a practising Solicitor or Public Notary.
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Non commercial legalisation Fees:

£ 60 for the original document, £ 5 for the certification of a copy of one of these documents;

3. Legalization of signature

The legalization affixed to a document consists of the physical certification of the signature of an adult national.
The presence of the applicant with his Algerian passport or the valid Algerian identity card is mandatory.

4. Certification of Documents

This is the certification of the conformity of a photocopy in view of the original of an administrative document.

Documents required:

- Algerian identity document (Algerian identity card, Algerian passport, consular registration card)
- The original document
- Copies of the document to be certified
- Fees: £2