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  من الساعة 9:00 إلى الساعة 15:00 من الثلاثاء إلى السبت مواقيت العمل

   Meeting with the Algerian Community living in Glasgow

A Consular delegation headed by Mrs Kenza BENALI, Consul of Algeria in the United kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, has visited Glasgow city on the 3th and 4th of March 2019, this visit comes amid outreach actions taken by the Algerian Consulate in London towards the members of the Algerian Community based in the United Kingdom and in the Republic of Ireland.

This visit, first of its kind, is part of the set recommendations of the high hierarchy aiming to bring the public services and administrative procedures closer to the citizens throughout the reinforcement of the relation with the members of the Algerian Community residing in the In the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, in order to tackle their concerns in the best manner.

This meeting was widely appreciated by the Algerian Community who attended the Conference-debate organized on this occasion, during which Mrs the Consul has made a presentation on the series of measures taken by the public authorities as part of the process of the simplification and facilitation of the administrative procedures, such services include (Biometric passport and ID card, rectification of the mistakes on the civil status documents ,certificate of capacity for the driving license, online criminal records, Public Housing Program LPP, the creation of PME –PMI and presidential measures taken to allow Algerian nationals residing abroad to regularize their situation regarding the military service and the transfer of the remains).

Mrs the Consul seized this opportunity to discuss with Algerian nationals their preoccupation as well as providing answers to their concerns. Furthermore, she has reiterated her full support towards activities that serve the community interest. The meeting was an occasion to invite the representative of t the community association, and create a good relationship with the local authorities. Mobile consular services were made during this meeting.

Also, Mrs the Consul has paid courtesy visit to Mrs Eva BOLANDER “The Lord Provost Mayor of Glasgow City Council” during which they had have an exchange of views about issues related to the Algerian Community residing in Glasgow City, as well as the prospect of cooperation between the two countries.

Finally, during her visit to the Scottish economic capital, Mrs Kenza BENALI, had a meeting at the University of “West Scotland” with Mr Craig Mahoney and Mr Donald Gillies respectively “Principal and Vice Chancellor” and “Dean” of the University, as well as the teaching team in charge of the Algerian scholarship students, where they pursue training in English language under the understanding bilateral agreement between two countries which was signed in 2013.

The discussions during the meeting focused on the university curriculum, the constraint that Algerian students may face as well the means which aims to strength the cooperation between the two countries in this field.


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