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Meeting with the Algerian Community living in Cardiff

A Consular delegation headed by Mrs Kenza BENALI, Consul of Algeria in the United kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, has visited Cardiff city on the 17th and 18th of March 2019, this visit comes amid closeness actions taken by the Algerian Consulate in London towards the members of the Algerian Community living in the United Kingdom and in the Republic of Ireland.

This visit is part of set of visits held by Mrs. the Consul, aiming to strengthen relations with Algerian nationals living in the United Kingdom and in the Republic of Ireland, to be constantly listening to them, and to improve the quality of services provided to them to meet better their expectations.

The meeting was an opportunity to explain to our citizens who attended the Conference-debate organized on this occasion the series of measures taken by the public authorities in order to simplify and facilitate of the administrative procedure, such measures include:

- Biometric passport and ID card;

- Online correction of the mistakes on the civil status documents;

- Certificate of capacity for the driving license;

- Online criminal records,

- Public Housing Program LPP and all regulations regarding the creation of micro company for young Algerian citizens aged between 19-35

- Presidential measures taken to allow Algerian nationals residing abroad to regularize their situation regarding the military service: “Algerian citizens aged 30 and
above, Algerian citizens born between 1st January 1989 and 31st December 1993 who completed their studies in 2014, and the census operation for Algerian citizens residing in the UK and in the Republic of Ireland born between 1st January and 31st December 2002.”

- Transfer of the remains.

This visit gives rise to warm sincere and constructive exchange which foreshadowed of beautiful perspective of working with all members of the Algerian community living in this City. Also, mobile consular services were made during this meeting.

During her stay at the Welsh Capital, Mrs. the Consul has paid a courtesy visit to Mrs Dianne Rees “The Lord Mayor of Cardiff City” during which they had have an exchange of views about issues related to the Algerian Community residing in this City and the actions of the government towards them and as well the prospects that contribute to the strengthening of the cooperation between the two countries.

Also, during her visit to Cardiff, Mrs Kenza BENALI, had a meeting at the University of Cardiff with the Algerian scholarship students, where they pursue training in English language under the understanding bilateral agreement between two countries which were signed in 2013. The discussions during the meeting focused on the university curriculum, the conditions of their reception and accommodations as well the difficulties that Algerian students may face.

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