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View below answers to frequently asked questions about services provided by the algerian consulate.

What are the benefits of consular registration?

Consular registration certifies that you are identified among the members of the national community established abroad. This status entitles you to consular protection.

  • Get some administrative documents (passport, national identity card, civil status, power of Attorney, criminal record...);
  • Being registered in the electoral roll (except if you do not wish to);
  • Benefit, to a maximum of 3,000,000.00 DA, from the transfer in exemption from taxes of your personal belongings, as part of the terminiting of residency (CCR).

I am staying in the UK but I do not have a legal residence, can I apply for registration and passport?

No, the legal residence is the main condition for registration.

I am staying in the UK but I do not have a legal residence, can I apply for the registration of my marriage and the birth of my kids?

Yes, regardless your status in the country, you can apply for the registration of your marriage and the birth of your kids.

I do not have a leave to remain in the UK nor in , what are the other services I am entitled to?

In addition to the registration of a marriage or a birth, you can apply for a translation of certain documents (birth certificate, driving license, ...) and a power of attorney (procuration).

Prior to my stay in the UK  , I lived in another country and I was registered at the Algerian Embassy/Consulate, do I need to apply for a new registration?

No, you should make an application at the Consulate in London for the transfer of your registration file from the Embassy/Consulate where you were registered.

Can I apply for the renewal or extension of my passport without being registered at the Consulate?

No, the passport renewal application is considered once the consular registration is processed.

Can I keep my expired passport when applying for a new one?

No, the expired document must be collected by the Consulate. In case of transfer of the leave to remain endorsement on the new passport, the expired one can be exceptionally handed over and returned back after completion of the procedure.

Can I add my children on my passport? Is there an age limit?

A minor is entitled to an individual passport at any age and is no longer permitted to add his photo on his parent passport.

As an Algerian national registered at the Consulate, can I apply for any service by post?

Except the biometric passport, ID card, 12s birth certificate, paternal authorisation and terminiting residency (CCR) applications, your presence, is not compulsory at the Consulate.

What should I do if my passport is lost or stolen?

Report the loss or theft to the local police and obtain a written police report, then notify the Consulate and apply for a replacement passport. In addition to a police report, a statutory declaration concerning a lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed must be submitted.

How can I get assistance if I am arrested or detained in the UK ?

You should inform the arresting authorities that you wish to have the Algerian Consulate notified promptly of your arrest. Under the Vienna convention on consular relations, the arresting authorities must advise you of your rights of access to consular representation and to make arrangements for such access. Unless you specifically ask them to do, the arresting authorities are not required to inform the Consulate of your detention or arrest.

Can I vote if I am living in the UK  ?

Algerian nationals living in the Uk and registered at the Algerian Consulate can vote in electoral events (parliamentary elections, presidential elections and referendums) on condition that:

  • They are 18 years or older on polling day;
  • They are registered on the electoral list;
  • If your ordinary residence is in Algeria and you are away from your electoral district on polling day, you cannot vote in the Uk or .

For more details, see the elections section

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