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People's Democratic Republic of Algeria

Consulate of Algeria in London

  Opening hours : All the services (Except Civil Status and Visa Section) are open Tuesday to Saturday, from 9:00am to 3:00pm (09h00 to 15h00), please see Opening hours & holidays page for more details  

National Service registration (Recensement) is compulsory and takes place at the age of 18. This procedure is automatically carried out by the Consulate for all Algerian nationals born in the UK or the Republic of Ireland, as well as those who are registered at the consulate.


The National Service can be deferred for the entire period of your studies. To do so, please provide the following documents:

1. The application form duly filled and signed;
2. Four (04) Passport-sized photographs;
3. Original full birth certificate (copie integrale delivree par la commune de naissance);
4. Enrolment certificate for the current year;

Please note that to renew the national service deferment period you will need to provide the following documents instead:

1. The application form duly filled and signed;
2. Deferment Card "Carte de Sursis";
3. Enrolment certificate for the current year.

Notice: In order to avoid unnecessary delays, applications for deferment should be submitted to the Consulate at the beginning of each academic year.

Exemption for medical reasons:

If you are applying to be exempted from the National Service on the basis of a medical condition, please provide the following documents:

1. The application form duly filled and signed;
2. Medical Certificates;
3. X-rays (if any);
4. Results of specialized medical tests;
5. Surgical operation protocol;
6. Clinical resume of the illness;
7. Hospitalisation certificates.

Note: please note that, except X-rays, a translation of the above listed documents in arabic or french language must be provided with the application.

Presidential decisions for exemption:

In 1999, an important presidential decision was taken in favor of young algerian nationals to enable them to regularise their national service situation. People entitled to this scheme must be over the age of 22 and have finished their studies.

Requests for exemption from national service must be made to the Algerian Consulate in London accompanied by the following documents:

1. The application form duly filled and signed;
2. Original full birth certificate (copie integrale delivree par la commune de naissance);
3. Two (02) recent passport-sized photographs;
4. Enrolment certificate for the last year of studies (applicable to students);
5. Copy of work contract or Evidence of paid activity (applicable to workers);
6. Copy of consular registration card;
7. Copy of residence document in UK or Ireland (Home Office or Irish Immigration stamp or card) or any European Economic Area Passport.

Exemption of Algerian-French Nationals:

According to the Algerian-French Agreement on national service dated 10/11/1983, Algerian Citizens who have French Nationality are exempted from national service in Algeria on condition that they provide:
1. "Declaration d'option" issued by French Authorities;
2. "Certificat des Services" or "Certificat de Situation" issued by French Authorities.

New Presidential decisions:

the Ministry of National Defence has launched a new operation to regularise the pending situation towards the accomplishment of the military service .This operation is aimed at Class 2013 (nationals born between 1st  January and 31st  December 1993) and previous classes who have achieved or abandon their studies on the 31st  December 2013 at the latest.

Therefore the Algerian Consulate in London invites the nationals concerned to lodge the following file at the Consulate:

- Birth Certificate (issued by the Algerian civil status);
- Photocopy of prove of Algerian citizenship (copy of Passport or National ID) ;
- Copy of the residency document in the UK or Ireland (copy of the residence Card or European passport )
- Copy of the Consulate registration card; 
- Copy of diploma obtained or a certificate of studies or abandonment; 
- Two recent ID photograph;

- The application form dully filled and signed;

- Self –addressed   and stamped envelop.  



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