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People's Democratic Republic of Algeria

Consulate of Algeria in London

Opening hours : During the fasting month of Ramadhan, the Algerian consulate is open Tuesday to Saturday, from 9.00am to 03.30pm (09h00 to 15h30. Ramadhane Karim

Kafala (Adoption):

Algerian Nationals registered at the Consulate in London can apply to adopt an Algerian infant (Kafala or Recueil Legal are the words used for in the Algerian Legislation).

The Application file must be lodged at the Algerian Consulate in London to be forwarded to the Ministry of Employment and National Solidarity.

The Agreement for Kafala is given by a National Commission on the basis of the applicant's personal, social and professional profile and the results of the social investigation carried out by the Consulate.

Applicants should obtain the official agreement of their British Local Authorities before submitting their application file to the Algerian Consulate.

Basic Conditions:

Applicant(s) should:

1. Be of Muslim faith;
2. Have a decent home;
3. Not exceed the age of 60 (for a man) and 55 years old (for a woman);
4. Have a minimum income of £700 after deduction of all charges.

Documents Required:

1. Letter of motivation from the applicant(s);
2. Copy of the Consular Registration card of the applicant(s);
3. Birth certificate (s) of the applicant(s);
4. Police clearance or Criminal Record (Casier Judiciaire) of the applicant (s) issued by British or Irish authorities;
5. Employment certificate and last three (03) Payslips of the applicant(s);
6. Accommodation evidence (tenancy agreement, rent receipt…);
7. Medical certificate (s) of good health of the applicant(s).


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