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Biometric passport

 General conditions:

The consulate of Algeria in London hereby informs all Algerian citizens residing within its consular district (the United Kingdom and Ireland) and registered at the consulate that the procedure of the biometric passport has started.

Every citizen applying for a biometric passport must fulfill the following conditions:

1- Applying for a passport for the first time at the consulate is subject to prior consular registration;

2- The applicant, except children under 12 years, must be present at the consulate when submitting the application and collecting the passport (applications made by post are no longer accepted and the passport can't be sent by mail);

- Be in possession of the special extract of his/her birth certificate '12s';

- Submit the file at the consulate.

File content :

1- The expired passport; 

2- The valid consular registration card;

3- The application form  duly filled and signed by the applicant or by the legal guardian for minors;

4- The original applicant's special extract of birth certificate '12s';

5- Original and a copy of proof of legal residence in the UK or Ireland  ( leave to remain, student visa, work permit visa,  British or Irish passport.   For those holding other European passports, please provide the blue card from the home office );

6- A copy of the blood type card;

7- Two (02) photos comply with required standards (please write the name and surname at the back);

8- The work certificate or certificate of enrolment for students or school children;

9- A copy of a proof of address (any utility bill);

10- Payment of the passport fees payable by cash or by postal order when applying for the passport.


28-page ordinary passport £55

48-page ordinary passport  £110


28-page ordinary passport    £27.5

48-page ordinary passport    £55


Adults      £100

Minors    £50

Passports for kids:

A minor is entitled to an individual passport at any age and is no longer permitted to add his photo to his parent's passport.

In addition to the documents listed above, the issuing of a passport to a minor (under 19 years) is subject to a written parental authorization by the father or by the legal guardian who must be present at the consulate to sign the document in the presence of the officer in charge.

Please, be advised that children's birth must be registered with the civil status section (service de l'état civil) of the Consulate prior to the issuance of the passport. Furthermore, the consulate recalls that Algerian law imposes that the birth of a child must be declared to and registered with the consulate within 10 days (read more on the registration of births).

Note: the presence of children under 12 years is no longer required at the Consulate either when submitting the application or when collecting the passport. These two operations can now be performed by the child's legal guardian. However, the photographs provided must meet the required standards (The application will be rejected if the photographs do not meet these requirements).

Payment for Students and Children under 19: £27.50 ( For Students, a valid student certificate is needed

Lost, stolen, or damaged passport:

If a passport is lost, damaged, or stolen, you must report it immediately at your local police station and to the Algerian consulate, where you can apply for a new passport.

The replacement passport is issued after the cancellation of the lost, damaged, or stolen one. This process can take several months.

In addition to the documents listed above, please provide:

  1. Lost property form issued by your local police station;
  2. If the passport is lost or stolen, you must include in your application the declaration of loss or theft.
  3. Payment of an additional fee of £100 as a penalty (to be paid cash or by postal order). A stamped receipt is issued to the applicant to confirm the payment of this tax;
  4. Letter explaining in detail how the passport has been damaged;
  5. - Applying for a passport for the first time at the consulate is subject to prior consular registration;

- The applicant aged 12 and over must be present at the consulate when submitting the application for the photo and fingerprints (minors under 12 are exempt from fingerprints);

- The photo taken at the consulate is the one that will be put on the biometric passport except for children under 12 years. However, the photos provided must meet the required standards;

- Applications made by post are no longer accepted and the biometric passport can't be sent by mail;

- Applications for the renewal of passport can be made 6 months before its expiry date;

- Regardless of the expiry date of the current passport, applications for renewal can be made if the passport does not contain any plain (blank) pages or holding an ordinary passport (old model);

- The consulate has no express service to process applications, therefore, we advise our citizens not to buy a ticket until the passport is issued;

- Applications for early renewal of passport when applying for a long validity foreign visa (Schengen visa for example) cannot be considered;

- As we don't make copies at all and we don't accept the file without copies, please provide copies of all original documents.

- Read  in Arabic or French the law N° 14-03 dated 24 February 2014 relating to travel documents.

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