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The Representation of "The Independent National Authority for the Elections (ANIE)" to the Consulate General of Algeria in London informs the Algerian nationals residing in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland about the holding of a popular referendum on the draft Constitution revision, the 31st October and the 1st of November 2020

Polling stations set for that effect will be communicated shortly.

Voters registered on the electoral roll of the consular district of London are invited to exercise their rights and fulfil their civic duty during polling.

Voters are kindly requested to bring, on polling day, their voting cards and an Algerian identity document.

A duplicate of the voting cards will be issued in the Consulate General, on polling day, for nationals having lost their cards.

In view of the health situation prevailing in the United Kingdom, our nationals are requested to scrupulously observe barrier gestures and the sanitary protocol in force.

For this purpose, wearing a mask is compulsory.

referendum 2020 2

إعلان التصويت بالوكالة

تنهي القنصلية العامة للجزائر بلندن الى علم المواطنات و المواطنين المقيمين بالمملكة المتحدة وجمهورية ايرلندا و المسجلين في القوائم الانتخابية، بأنه طبقاً لأحكام المواد 163،162،57،54،33،16 من القانون العضوي رقم 19-08 بتاريخ 14 سبتمبر 2019 المعدل و المتمم للقانون العضوي رقم 16-10 المؤرخ في 25 أوت 2016 و المتعلق بنظام الانتخابات، فإن الناخبين المقيمين في الخارج و الذين يتعذر عليهم ممارسة حقهم الانتخابي يمكن لهم القيام بذلك عن طريق التصويت بالوكالة كما يلي

إعداد الوكالة مباشرة بمقر القنصلية العامة للجزائر بلندن (نموذج متوفر بالقنصلية العامة

. المواطنون الذين يواجهون صعوبات ترتبط خصوصا بالتنقل إلى القنصلية العامة، يمكنهم إعداد أي وثيقة تسمح لهم بممارسة حقهم في الانتخاب باللغة العربية أو الإنجليزية، والمصادقة عليها لدى الهيئات الإدارية الرسمية لمكان إقامتهم

 يجب على الوكيل و الموكل أن يكونا مسجلين في نفس المكتب الانتخابي

وكالة واحدة فقط لكل وكيل،

يجدر التنبيه، بأن الفترة القانونية المحددة لإعداد الوكالات، ستنتهي ثلاثة (03) أيام قبل تاريخ الاقتراع أي يوم 28 أكتوبر 2020 طبقا للمادة 57 من القانون العضوي رقم 19-08، المعدل و المتمم للقانون العضوي رقم 16-10 المتعلق بنظام الانتخابات.

Important notice Proxy vote


The Consulate General of Algeria in London is pleased to inform all Algerian nationals enrolled on the electoral list and residing in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, that, in line with the provisions of articles 16,33,54,57,162,163 of the Organic Law N° 19-08 on September 14, 2019, amending and completing the Organic Law N° 16-10 passed on August 25, 2016 related to the electoral system, they can apply for a proxy if they are unable to vote in person, as follow :

1. Nationals, can submit the proxy form at the Consulate General of Algeria in person.
2. Nationals, who will not be able to come in person, a specimen is available in the Consulate in Arabic or in English, or provide any written document accordingly to the specimen and notarize it.
• The mandatory and the mandator have to be registered in the electoral list within the same polling station.
• The mandatory can exercise only one proxy vote.
It should be noted that the legal period specified for preparing proxies will expire three (03) days before the polling date, i.e. October 28, 2020, according to Article 57 of Organic Law No. 19-08, amending and supplementing Organic Law No. 10-16 related to the electoral system.

vote 2020

Temporary accreditation for journalist to cover the referendum

on the draft amendment to the constitution November 1st,2020

As part of the ongoing preparations for the referendum on the draft amendment to the Constitution on November 1, 2020, the Consulate General of Algeria in London would like to inform all foreign media wishing to cover the referendum that the deadline to submit their request for temporary accreditation application is Thursday, October 22,  2020.

For more details, please see the attachements

To download the temporary accreditation application form, please visit https://ina-elections.dz/

المراجعة الإنتخابية 2020

The Consulate General of Algeria in London informs the Algerian community members, residing in the United Kingdom of Great Britain, North Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, that the Presidential Decree n°251-20 dated on 15 September 2020 convening the electorate for referendum on the draft constitutional amendments set on 1 November 2020 is published in the Official Journal n°54 dated on 16 September 2020. Click here

In this regard, exceptional review of electoral rolls will be held from 20th to 27th September 2020.

In this framework, the Consulate General calls on citizens unregistered on the electoral rolls to register themselves pursuant to the Organic Law for Electoral Regime.

Citizens concerned are invited to fill out the forms available at the Consulate General or on its website, to be then deposited with the Consulate General or sent via email:

Nb: the Consulate General of Algeria in London points out that registering with the Consulate does not mean registering on the electoral lists. Therefore, citizens concerned are supposed to register on the electoral lists before 27 September 2020. Form to download

For further information, please call : 0208 752 11 77 /  0208 752 80 70 / 0208 752 80 65

service national regularisation

The Consulate General of Algeria in London informs the Algerian young citizens residing in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, concerned by the national service obligation, that, in the framework of facilitating the process of regularizing their status regarding the national service and avoiding delays in examining and settling their requests, an ad hoc committee is designed to examine files and issue the desired documents (deferral - deferment - exemption-) on site. Accordingly, young persons who had submitted applications and received no replies thereon, as well as those whose term of deferral or deferment expired or is due to expire shortly, are invited to renew their applications at the Consulate General of Algeria in London.

Any delay in renewing applications this year will cost a delay in settlement for the next year.



National Service Obligations Exemption For 30 Years Old Citizens National Service Obligations Exemption For 30 Years Old Citizens 

The Algerian nationals are informed that the President of the Republic, M. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, signed a decree on the exemption from the national service obligations for citizens aged 30 years old and above on 31 December 2020, who are not yet incorporated or have not regularized their situation with regard to national service.

service national

The Consulate of Algeria in London informs all the Algerians residing in the United Kingdom and in Ireland, born between  1st January and 31 December 2003 that, in accordance with the law N˚14-06 dated on 09 August 2014 relating to the national service, they are invited to register on the list of national service census class 2023, by submitting the following documents:

1 - Original birth certificate;

2 - Copy of the consular registration card;

3 - 02 photographs.

All the nationals concerned can either register in person or by mail joining a prepaid self-addressed and stamped return envelope to send back the registration certificate, to the following address:

Consulate of Algeria, London 5 Portal Way W3 6RT

The census operation will cover the period from 02 January to 30 September 2020 and failure to enroll shall involve the loss of the right of exemption, deferment and of deferral of incorporation.


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