People's Democratic Republic of Algeria

Consulate of Algeria in London

  من الساعة 9:00 إلى الساعة 15:00 من الثلاثاء إلى السبت مواقيت العمل

The main duties of the consulate:

The Consulate is responsible to identify, protect the interests and provide assistance to all algerian nationals living in UK and Ireland in compliance with the law and local public policy.
It is, for its citizens, the relationship between the country of residence and the origin country.

It assumes and provides, for this purpose, different administrative services to:

  1. The algerian community:
    • Identifies and registers the algerians living within its jurisdiction;
    • As a civil registrar, it registers acts issued by local authorities concerning algerian citizens residing in or visiting the UK or Ireland, draws up birth certificates, marriage
      certificates, death certificates and necessary documentation for the transfer of mortal remains of an algerian national to Algeria;
    • Responsible for notarial functions: e.g. power of attorney, kafala and successions;
    • Issuance of national identity cards, passports, emergency travel documents (Laissez-passer), these services except travel documents are provided to registered citizens only;
    • Handles military service issues: registration for military service (recensement), deferment and exemptions;
    • Provides consular protection in case of arrest, incarceration, serious accident or illness and may intervene in cases of repatriation;
    • Responsible for explaining the conditions under which can be practiced abroad the right to vote, organizing elections, stands proxy voting;
    • In addition to its missions and administrative protection of algerian nationals, the head of the consulate shall oversee the development of economic, commercial, cultural and scientific relations between Algeria and local authorities and institutions;
    • Encourages, through actions prospecting and promotion linkages partnership between Algerian economic operators and those of the state of residence;
    • Contributes to the development of algerian culture, including the organization or participation of event whose themes reflect aspects of national culture.
  2. The foreign community:
    • Delivers entry visa to Algeria to british and irish citizens. Others foreign citizens must provide proof of residence in the UK or Ireland.


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